To Mend the Broken-Hearted: The Healer and the Hermit

Ruth is a healer, not a social gadfly. She's glad to leave the foreign world of the ton to run an errand for her sister-in-law. She doesn't expect to be caught up in a smallpox epidemic, nor to meet the man of her dreams.

War and betrayal have wounded Val beyond bearing. The woman who arrives at his retreat with patients who need shelter says she's a healer. But he is beyond healing. Isn't he?

Unable to stand by and watch the suffering, he begins to help with the nursing, while he falls irrevocably for both girls and the lovely Ruth.

The epidemic over, Ruth and Val part ways, each reluctant to share how they feel without a sign from the other. Ruth returns to her family and the ton. Val begins to build a new life centred on his girls. But danger to Ruth is a clarion call Val cannot ignore. If they can stop the villains determined to destroy them, perhaps the hermit and the healer can mend one another’s hearts.

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